Hi, I’m Katelyn! I never leave home without a bottle of water (skin and hair’s best friend), Chapstick, volumizing dry-shampoo, and at least one product by Charlotte Tilbury—my fave makeup line.

Elwynn + Cass was created when mother-daughter duo Dona and Katelyn struggled to find hair and makeup artists for special events. Feeling that the process was far too taxing and frustrating, they banded together and formed a way to make it an enjoyable experience with top notch results—all the while offering personalization throughout.

Named after beloved relatives, the company was founded on the notion that when you work with Elwynn + Cass, it’s like being part of the family. Now, Dona works behind the scenes and Katelyn connects with every client and the talented network of hair and makeup artists.

Elwynn + Cass strongly believes in you feeling your best on top of looking your best. They do everything they can to make the hair and makeup part of your planning process and the event day itself go as seamlessly as possible.

You’re engaged and that’s exciting, but you’re also overwhelmed by all the options and decisions that come with planning a wedding. One thing you know for sure? You want to look (and feel) great on your wedding day. Well, we’re here to help with that.

We pair you with and coordinate exceptional hair & makeup artists so you can have a personalized, hands-free experience anywhere in the world. Consider us your glam team matchmaker and manager

Consider when you’re buying a house. You tell the realtor the number of bedrooms you need, your target location, the kind of architecture you like, and any other “must-have’s” and they give you your dream house. Well, we basically do the same, but instead of bedrooms and curb appeal, we’re all about hair stylists and makeup artists and we give you your dream look without scanning the real estate listings for hours on end.