February 16, 2024

A Journey of Elegance: A Tampa Wedding at The Edition

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January 2024 marked the celebration of a spectacular Tampa wedding. A symphony of elegance and joy that unfolded at the prestigious Tampa Edition. This is not just a story of two people uniting in love, but also an ode to the exquisite orchestration that turned their magical day into a seamless reality.

From the first look to the last dance, the wedding was a testament to the timeless beauty and allure of the Tampa Edition. Nestled in the heart of the city, this venue has become synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Making it a sought-after destination for couples looking to tie the knot in style.


Tampa Wedding | Tampa Edition | Tampa wedding hair and makeup


Getting Ready with Elwynn + Cass

The day began with the bride and her entourage dressed in chic, floral-printed robes. The light-filled suite echoed with their laughter and excitement. The makeup and hair artists, curated from Elwynn + Cass’s exclusive network of celebrity talent, worked their magic, transforming each woman into a vision of beauty. Their artistry highlighted the unique features of each individual, ensuring they felt their most beautiful, comfortable, and confident.


Tampa Wedding | Tampa Edition | Tampa wedding hair and makeup


As the ceremony approached, guests were greeted by the grandeur of the Tampa Edition’s architecture. The bridal party made a striking image against this backdrop, adorned in elegant black gowns that were both sophisticated and modern. The cohesive look of the bridal party carefully selected to complement the bride’s stunning lace dress. Which hugged her silhouette and flowing gracefully with each step she took down the aisle.


Saying I Do at Tampa Edition

The moment the couple said “I do” under the arches of the venue’s majestic entrance was nothing short of enchanting. The bride shone brightly as the center of attention. The groom, in his sharp attire, looked at his bride with a mixture of pride and love.


Tampa Wedding | Tampa Edition | Tampa wedding hair and makeup


As the newlyweds kissed, they were encased in a cascade of applause from their loved ones, the joy palpable in the air. This was more than just a ceremony; it was the start of a lifetime together, witnessed by friends and family who felt just as pampered and celebrated thanks to the impeccable planning and execution by Elwynn + Cass.


The After-Party

The reception that followed was a blend of Tampa’s vibrant spirit and the sophisticated ambiance of The Edition. The carefully curated hair and makeup styles remained flawless throughout the festivities, allowing everyone to enjoy the night without a worry.

This Tampa wedding wasn’t merely an event; it was a curated experience that elevated every moment into a cherished memory. The Elwynn + Cass team ensured that every detail, from the bridal hair and makeup to the seamless flow of the day, was nothing short of perfection.


Tampa Wedding | Tampa Edition | Tampa wedding hair and makeup

Happily Ever After

As the night drew to a close, the sparkle of the Tampa skyline mingled with the stars above, whispering the promise of new beginnings and everlasting love. Somewhere among the soft whispers and the warm embraces, it was clear that this Tampa Edition wedding will be remembered as a beautiful blend of love, beauty, and elegance.



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