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Viansa Winery Wedding in May: A Breathtaking Celebration in the Heart of Sonoma, California

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In the heart of Sonoma Valley, where the sun-kissed vines paint a backdrop of serenity, a May wedding at Viansa Winery unfolded into a timeless celebration of love and refinement. Our bride, Mahsa, and her nine radiant bridesmaids enjoyed a beauty experience unlike any other, becoming the image of glamour and grace.

Bridal Glamour: Old Hollywood Glam Waves

The bride, a devotee of classic allure, chose a hairstyle that echoed the glamour of Old Hollywood. Waves, meticulously sculpted with precision, cascaded down in a dance of timeless sophistication. A beautiful complement to the classic allure of Sonoma, California.

For our bride, full glam was what she envisioned for her bridal look. Eyes adorned with sultry lashes, a flawless complexion that caught the sunlight just right, and lips painted in hues of elegance — her makeup was a work of art. The result was a captivating allure that resonated with the refined atmosphere of Viansa Winery.


Sonoma wedding hair and makeup Viansa Winery

Sonoma wedding hair and makeup Viansa Winery

Bridal Party Radiance

The beauty journey extended beyond the bride as her nine bridesmaids took center stage. A collective vision of elegance unfolded as each bridesmaid received personalized hair and makeup transformations. The result was a synchronized symphony of beauty, a prelude to the grand celebration that awaited.

The Grand Celebration

As the sun dipped low over the rolling hills, casting a warm glow over the vineyard, the bride, adorned in her full glam splendor, made her way down the aisle. Viansa Winery stood witness to a celebration that harmonized the natural beauty of Sonoma with the exquisite elegance of the bride’s vision.


Sonoma wedding hair and makeup Viansa Winery


In recounting the tale of this Viansa Winery wedding, we find ourselves immersed in the beauty of Sonoma, where May’s gentle embrace welcomes celebrations that echo through the vines. The bride’s commitment to timeless allure, from Old Hollywood waves to full glam radiance, perfectly complemented the grandeur of the surroundings.


Sonoma wedding hair and makeup Viansa Winery

Elegance Echoes in the Heart of Wine Country

For those envisioning a Sonoma wedding that mirrors the sophistication of Viansa Winery, let this love story be your guide. From personalized beauty transformations to the grandeur of a celebration beneath the Sonoma sun, discover the artistry of crafting timeless elegance in wine country.

We look forward to crafting an unforgettable beauty experience for your Sonoma wedding!




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