Top 7 Items To Have For Touchups On Your Wedding Day

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If you’ve hired a professional makeup artist for your wedding day, you’re makeup should last the duration the day. However, it’s never a bad thing to have some essentials in case touchups are needed, especially if you happen to cry a lot, it’s going to be warm outside or you have oily skin. Your makeup artist should leave a few items to help you for touchups later, but in case they don’t, be sure to have these on hand just in case. You can never be too prepared after all.

Top 7 Items To Have For Touchups

A lipstick / lip color

If you did a trial prior to your wedding day and tried a particular lip color that you liked with the makeup artist, be sure to get the name of the brand and shade. On the day of your wedding, your makeup artist should leave a little pot size of the lip color to help you touchup later, but I always think it’s smart to have a full size one. A full size lipstick is easier to tote around with, there is less chance it could open up and spill, and if you loved the color, you can use it again in the future and remember it was your wedding day lip color.


Tweezers are like the MacGiver of beauty tools. You can literally use them for just about anything, so if you have a stray hair you didn’t see in your bathroom lighting or you need cut a loose string, a pair of tweezers will do the trick.

Nail File

You can pick up a mini nail file at most drug stores or beauty stores, so it’s an easy item to have on hand. There are few things more frustrating than chipping or breaking a nail and then worrying about it catching on items of your clothing. Have a nail file on hand, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Bobby Pins

This may seem simple, but honestly you can never have too many bobby pins. If after you’ve been dancing for a bit, your hair starts to fall a little bit, a few extra bobby pins should do the trick to spruce your hair back up and into place. You can pick these up on your own or ask your hairstylist to leave a couple extra for you.

Elwynn and Cass Touchups

Blotting Pads

Your makeup artist should leave some blotting pads for you, but if not, you can pick some up at the drug store or some cotton pads will work too. Have these in your kit for touchups in case it’s hot out and you start sweating or you have oily skin. When using the pads, don’t wipe, rather dab it on the areas you are sweating or getting oily. The pads will soak up the moisture without removing your makeup.


Not really beauty related, but I know that if you happen to get a blister or someone cuts themselves, almost everyone starts looking for a band-aid. Carry a few in your touchup kit and chances are, no one will need one then.


Not just for your ears, q-tips are my go to for touchups. Especially, when I accidentally blink before my mascara is dry or my eyeshadows starts to fall / gather under my eyes. If this happens to you, take a q-tip, lightly dab it in water, and then run it over the areas you want to correct. It should gather the mascara or eyeshadow without removing the rest of your makeup.

Well, there you have it, 7 easy items to have for touchups on your wedding day and aside from the lipstick color, you can find them all at a local drug store. Easy peasy.



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