The Ultimate Beauty Guide For Last Minute Brides

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It’s crazy how time seems to flying this year and if I had to describe the wedding culture and trends of 2019, it would be “last minute”. What do I mean by that? Well, most wedding professionals are used to couples inquiring and starting the booking process roughly a year or more out. For example, I am used to booking hair and makeup artists for my clients about 6-9 months out, as that is when you have the best options and hair and makeup artists typically start booking up. However, 2019 there has been the trend of couples reaching out 2-3 months out about hair and makeup (or less), hence why I call it the “last minute” wedding culture.

The Ultimate Beauty Guide For Last Minute Brides

I understand that life happens and aside from wedding planning, most couples have a lot of moving parts in their lives, so it’s understandable how the booking window has gotten shorter. Some of my couples have even gone so far as to inquire and book for services within the same month as their wedding (I don’t advise this). If you happen to be one of the “last minute” couples looking for hair and makeup, you’re not out of luck, though here are some tips to make sure you still get the quality you deserve from your hair and makeup artist(s) for your wedding.

Elwynn + Cass Beauty Concierge: Last Minute Brides

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Booking Hair + Makeup For Your Wedding In 3 months Or Less

If you are starting the search for hair and makeup artists for your wedding about 3 months out, you’ve still got some time, but you need to move quickly. Since your options for artists that deliver great quality is going to be more limited, you should rely on your planner (or beauty concierge like Elwynn + Cass) to help expedite the searching process. Otherwise, you might go down a rabbit hole of searching and sending out emails, only to get quotes that are over your budget or artists that are unavailable.

Once you have 2-3 options of artists you like, that are available and within your budget, set up a trial ASAP. Like within a week or two. These artists more than likely will not stay available for long, and you want to at least have a tentative hold on your wedding date if you want to do a trial prior to booking / putting down a deposit. Also, doing a trial quickly, also allows you to weed out certain artists if you do the trial and realize it’s not the right fit. You still have time to try out the other options and not feeling pressured.

If the trial goes well with the first artist, or any of the ones you try, don’t delay in booking / putting down a deposit. Most artists only hold the date after a trial for max 3-5 days, so if you liked them, book them. You found a team that you like, so stop looking and check it off your list.

Elwynn + Cass Beauty Concierge: Last Minute Brides

Photography: Kami Olivarria // Beauty Concierge: Elwynn + Cass

1-2 months out from your wedding day

With 3 months out, if you are one of the couple’s that wants to do a trial prior to booking, you have time to do so. 1-2 months before your wedding, sorry to say, you don’t. You can still do a trial (and I recommend you do, so you and the artist(s) are on the same page), but you will need to book first. Chances are the artists that are available on this short notice, is by sheer luck and it won’t last long, so if you find someone you like, book them.

If you are in this situation, for sure ask your planner or beauty concierge to send you the best options available and portfolio examples similar to the look you are wanting from said artists. That way you can make an informed decision, and feel confident that the artist can create the personalized look for you. Make sure to check their professionalism by reading reviews, and you should even ask your other vendors if they have worked with them. They will tell you the truth and if you trust your other vendors, it’s a reliable source. This close to your wedding day, you don’t need to worry about your artists flaking on you.

Pro tip: This close to your date, there might be a lot of artists that are very low in pricing (as the best ones are typically booked at this point). However, remember that you get what you pay for, and your hair and/or makeup will be immortalized in your photos, you want to have the best quality and experience. Cheaper is not always better.

Elwynn + Cass Beauty Concierge: Last Minute Brides

Photography: Carmen Lopez Photo // Beauty Concierge: Elwynn + Cass

The month of your wedding (aka 4 weeks or less)

At this point, if you are still needing hair and makeup for your wedding day, then you should have your planner or beauty concierge book the artists for you. Send them the inspiration photos you have, budget, any specifications (like airbrush, skin allergies, etc.) and then let them send you the options. Once you have viewed them, have them book the artists ASAP. You more than likely won’t be able to do a trial at this point, but that’s okay, just have a bit more buffer time worked into the beauty timeline, so you have time to make adjustments if needed.

The last thing you need leading up to your wedding day is stressing about securing quality vendors, so give yourself some time if you can. If not though, just follow my tips and trust your vendors, they won’t lead you astray.



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