How To Spot A Professional Makeup Artist

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We’ve all been there, scrolling through Instagram and mid scroll, you see those Instagram influencer “makeup artists”. Their makeup always looks on point and flawless (good lighting helps too) and you wonder why your makeup doesn’t look like that. Flash forward a few months and if you are engaged, you think back to that makeup artist you found, because you need a makeup artist and he/she would be a perfect fit! There is one little problem though…. are you sure he/she is a professional makeup artist? Or a makeup enthusiast?

Makeup enthusiast or professional makeup artist: What’s the difference?

This is like cooking for fun and cooking for a living. If you had to make a 5 course meal for a gala would you try to make it yourself because you like cooking? Probably not. That’s something you leave to the professional. Someone who prepared for all scenarios.

Think of the Instagram influencer/makeup artists in a similar fashion. They are makeup enthusiasts, as they like makeup, can do makeup quite well on themselves, but are not professionals. If you are planning on getting your makeup done for a special occasion or wedding, you want a professional makeup artist, not someone who simply likes makeup.

Professional Makeup Artist

How to spot a makeup enthusiast vs. a professional makeup artist

There are a few quick things you can notice from an Instagram profile if you are comparing “makeup artists” and ensure if one is actually a professional or an enthusiast.

A Makeup Enthusiast:

  • Only has photos of themselves and makeup they have done of themselves.
  • No business license
  • Doesn’t have a makeup license or degree / doesn’t need one since not professional
  • Doesn’t have a professional/business website (not always true, but more often than not)

A Professional Makeup Artist:

  • Required to have a business license
  • Has a professional website / reviews of business
  • Has a makeup kit that is stocked with different shades and brands to match with different skin tones
  • Requires a signed contract/deposit to secure time and dates.

This is by no means to say that the makeup enthusiast isn’t an artist or extremely skilled with a makeup brush. He/she might even do an incredible job on you as well, but there isn’t necessarily the skill or experience that a professional makeup artist has. It’s always good to remember that you get what you pay for and a professional makeup artist has the product, tools and experience level to ensure you get the look you are wanting.



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