Top Questions To Ask Yourself When Booking Hair and Makeup

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Whenever I get a new inquiry in, whether it’s from a vendor referral, our website, or The Knot, I send a series of questions to learn more about the couple. Considering that beauty is so personal, it’s important for me to get to know my couples and their specific needs, as well as, who they are and what makes them special. People aren’t all alike, so hair and makeup shouldn’t be either. Whether you are working with a beauty concierge, Elwynn + Cass, or searching on your own, I want you to have a seamless and stress free experience. To make things easier on you, here are the top questions to ask yourself when booking hair and makeup artists for your wedding, special event, or anything you want to get glammed up for.

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Top Questions To Ask Yourself When Booking Hair and Makeup

1. What style are you thinking for hair and/or makeup?

I know it may seem self explanatory to have an idea of what look you are thinking for your hair and/or makeup, but a lot of my clients don’t know. It’s actually better to think about what you don’t want, as that eliminates some options, and then if you decide to do a trial prior to the date, then the hair and makeup artist can help you determine a style that suits your face, your personality, and your hair type.

For example, if you’re getting married in the summer in the desert and you don’t want to get sweaty, then a down-style is probably not the best choice (sweaty neck is almost a given with that). You don’t have to have a definitive idea of what you want, but at least have an idea of what you like and don’t like. A good question to ask yourself is how you like to wear your hair normally. If you normally wear it down and feel super confident, then perhaps you should consider as down-style as you know you will feel confident and that shines through on the day of the event. Same thing with makeup. If you are typically more natural, you can elevate it a little bit, but don’t have to go full glam, as you will most likely be self-conscious about it.

2. How do you want to feel on the day of your wedding or event?

Think about the day of your wedding or the special event. Is there a specific theme or ambiance that is pervasive throughout? Is it more laid back and bohemian, or maybe glamorous and black tie? Knowing this will help you determine what style might be best for your hair and makeup, as you want to be in sync with the vibe of the event. Plus it will help your hairstylist and makeup artist determine a style that’s a good fit for you personally and that’s cohesive with the ambiance of the event.

3. What’s the most important part of the beauty process to you?

When you are researching hair and makeup artists, what is your driving factor? Are you looking more at quality first? That they will deliver the look you are going for, and it will last all night. Or are you driven by cost? You are wanting the best deal around, but maybe not top quality. Perhaps you care more about the communication style and personality of the artists. Whatever your driving factor is, be aware of it and how it influences your search. More often than not, the top quality artists cost more, and if you are going cheap, you won’t get the best quality. Also if you are wanting a specific type of look (Hollywood Glam) or expertise (airbrushing), then these services may come at a premium.

Knowing what drives your decision making will make the process easier on you and understanding the cost of things.

4. Do you have a budget in mind?

Speaking of costs, be very clear if you have a budget in mind. Even if you aren’t sure what hair and/or makeup cost for different events, do a little bit of research for your area and see. It’s better to come in with an idea of what you are comfortable spending, but still be open to variations in pricing if you truly love an artist and think they will be a great fit. Once you are clear on your budget, it will make it easier for you (and a beauty concierge like me) to choose an artist within your budget. That way you won’t ever have a “say yes to the dress moment” where you fall in love, but it’s out of your budget. No need for that nonsense.

If you are unsure what hair and makeup costs, never fear we have the ultimate pricing guide to help you out.

Be true to you

Ultimately, when you are booking hair and makeup, you want to find an artist that is within the style you are thinking, within your budget, and ideally has a similar personality as well. It’s your moment and you should feel as confident as you can, so be really honest about what you want. No one will fault you for honesty. In fact, they will appreciate.



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