Derrick + Michael’s Wedding At San Francisco City Hall

We love all of the couples we get the opportunity to work with, but Derrick and Michael were particularly special. These two grooms decided to have a destination wedding in San Francisco and get married surrounded by loved ones at San Francisco City Hall. 

Getting Ready At The Hotel Fairmont San Francisco

The day started with both Michael and Derrick getting ready at the Hotel Fairmont San Francisco with their groomsmen and women. Michael and Derrick proved that beauty services are not just for the ladies on a wedding day, as they both got makeup services done, so that their skin would look flawless for photos. They also treated the ladies in their party to get hair and makeup done, as well as the groomsmen to get makeup touch ups. In total, there were two grooms, eight ladies and eleven groomsmen who got beauty services done on the wedding day. 

To complement the black tie theme, the ladies went with soft glam makeup looks and classic hairstyles. The reason why Derrick and Michael wanted them as grooms and their groomsmen to get makeup services done, is because photography flash will show any imperfections in photos. Say for example, a groomsmen had a sunburn and his skin was a little red, this would be noticeable on camera and possibly need to be retouched. By getting some foundation and men’s grooming makeup, their skin would look flawless and thus the photos would as well. Plus a little bit of foundation gets rid of any shininess on the skin, which could be reflected in photos. 

Getting Married At San Francisco City Hall

When all the services were done, both grooms got dressed in white Tuxedo jackets and black slacks, and headed off to San Francisco City Hall to get married. Michael and Derrick knew their couple’s portraits and group photos were to take place after the ceremony, so they requested us to coordinate one of the makeup artists to stay behind for touchups after the ceremony. They chose this option as they wanted to make sure their makeup looked fresh and smooth for the next set of photos. 

Once couple’s portraits were completed, the makeup artist left, and the two grooms joined their wedding party to celebrate the day away back at the Hotel Fairmont San Francisco.



Vendor Team:

Photography: Peter Nguyen Studio

Planning: Thomas Bui Lifestyle

Beauty Concierge: Elwynn + Cass

Venue: Fairmont San Francisco | San Francisco City Hall

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