Live Streaming Hair And Makeup Is The New Trend You Need To Try

The New Normal: Live Streaming Hair and Makeup

A lot of things are uncertain right now with COVID-19, and I know if you are planning a wedding you are probably concerned about your options there as well. For many of our couples, they have chosen to postpone to a later date (whether it be in 2020 or 2021), but some are opting to stick to their original dates in the Summer and Fall, though the number of guests will be far smaller. In these scenarios, couples have been concerned about hair and makeup, the safety, logistics, etc. which we completely understand and empathize with, though you might be missing that pampered feeling by getting your hair and makeup professionally done. There is a solution though, and it’s kind of the best of both worlds if we are being honest: live streaming hair and makeup. 

Elwynn + Cass Beauty Concierge Live Streaming Hair and Makeup

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What is live streaming hair and makeup?

Right now, there is the rise of Zoom calls, happy hours, webinars, etc. so we can all feel connected while being physically apart. Live streaming hair and makeup is essentially a one on one consultation with a professional hairstylist and/or makeup artist to help you achieve the look / feel you are wanting for your special event or wedding. All of this is done virtually (i.e. via Zoom, Facetime, etc.) with the hairstylist or makeup artist, so you can be in your own environment. The artist(s) are with you every step of the way, coaching you on how to achieve the look you want and helping fix any issues you run into (in real time). Each look is customized to your features to best accentuate them, but also with your tools and products in mind, so you don’t have to buy anything additional. 


Elwynn + Cass Beauty Concierge Live Streaming Hair and Makeup

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Benefits of live streaming hair and makeup

  • One on one time with a professional hairstylist and/or makeup artist
  • Feeling safe in your own environment
  • Can have multiple people with you to learn the style as well
  • Uses your tools and products (so you could recreate it)
  • Helping fix any issues in real time

With our clients, we are still matching the artist(s) best suited to the style and looks they are wanting, so they have that personalized experience and know that they will be in the right hands to learn how to achieve the looks they are wanting. 

How does live streaming hair and makeup work? 

Traditionally, with Elwynn + Cass, when a client reaches out, we get a feel of them and the experience they are wanting (occasion, hair and/or makeup style, budget, etc.). After this, we send some options of artists within their parameters that are the best fit for them, so it’s a personalized experience. The same applies for live streaming hair and makeup, with the only difference being the artist isn’t on site with the client, but is still there with them (virtually) to coach them through each step to ensure they get the look they are wanting. Expertise and years of experience are still a large factor in the varying pricing, but that allows us to personalize each experience by getting to know what matters most to each client. 

The live streaming consultations are done the day before an event and/or the day of the event. These are often on an hourly rate, where the artists are coaching the client through each step of the look. It’s cost effective, safe and you are still getting the expertise from top notch professionals. 


Elwynn + Cass Beauty Concierge Live Streaming Hair and Makeup

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How can you utilize live streaming hair and makeup?

Beyond COVID-19, live streaming virtual hair and makeup is a great option for a destination wedding. Particularly, if there may not be great options at the destination for hair and makeup. This enables a bride to have a custom experience with an artist she loves, while also not having to pay for travel. 

It’s also a great option for those wanting to do a trial, but unable to make it out to their wedding destination prior to the wedding. That way you can still build a rapport with the artist(s) and feel at ease that you are on the same page the day of the wedding.

It’s not the traditional type of experience, but it’s a great alternative for those on a tighter budget, having an event in a remote destination, or just because you want to learn a new style without having to watch YouTube videos 50+ times to get it right. 


Katelyn McCullough

P.S. Got questions about live streaming hair and makeup? We’d love to hear them and help out if this is an experience you are considering.

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