What To Expect With Hair and Makeup When You Postpone Your Wedding

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What To Expect With Hair and Makeup When You Postpone Your Wedding

Very rarely do couples have to postpone a wedding, but when they do it’s usually due to some specific event. As I write this (March 2020), we are in the thick of COVID-19 and the cause of the majority of postponements for weddings / couples. There is a lot of uncertainty right now and what to expect when having to plan a wedding or postpone a wedding. I know I am getting a lot of questions about it when it comes to hair and makeup, so here is your go-to guide to planning your wedding hair and makeup during COVID-19 (or any other time really). 

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When Should I Book Hair and Makeup Artists?

Right now, a lot of Spring weddings are having to postpone to Summer / Fall wedding dates (i.e. August, September, October, November). These months are some of the most popular every year in general, so in the event you are planning your wedding for those months, book your hair and makeup artists ASAP. By ASAP, I mean right now (March) or at least 6 months out, as by the time you start looking for your hair and makeup artists as per the typical recommendation, there won’t be many qualified artists left. I know many will want to do a trial prior, but with popular dates such as this, it’s best to put down a deposit and then plan a trial as it gets closer. 

If you are having to postpone your wedding, as soon as you have a tentative new date, reach out to the hair and makeup artists you booked and inquire if they are available for the new date. There is a good chance they might not be, but you want to give yourself as much time as you can. 

What Happens To The Deposit / Final Payment?

If you have to postpone due to COVID-19, many artists are allowing the transfer of the initial deposit to a new date without additional cost or penalty. In the event this happens and you are able to keep the same hair and makeup artist, the final payment amount would be transferred to a timeline that fits the new date. For example, if the final payment was to be made 2 week out, then that would be moved to fit the timing of the new date. 


After you’ve reached out to your original hair and makeup artist, if they aren’t available for your new wedding date. Don’t expect to get that deposit back, as the artists have held your original date and turned down other work.

In the event you choose to postpone (not due to something out of your control), then there are typically penalties / additional costs.

Elwynn and Cass Beauty Concierge Postpone A Wedding

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If I Cancel, Can I Get My Deposit Back?

If you choose to cancel your wedding entirely (whether due to personal choice or COVID-19), don’t expect to receive your deposit back. Depending on the timing, you may be released from any final payment, but the deposit is non-refundable for the majority of artists. This is due to the fact that they have put in a significant amount of time in communication leading up to your wedding day, reserved services for your wedding day and turned down other weddings / bookings. 

When it comes to an event such as COVID-19, rather than cancelling, I would focus on postponing and utilizing the deposit paid for your wedding on a future date, or ask the artist if they would be willing to utilize the services for a special event in general. That way you aren’t out that money and can still utilize the services on a future date. 

Hopefully this helps everyone navigate having to postpone a wedding during COVID-19 or a wedding in general. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, Elwynn + Cass is here for you. 

Sending everyone virtual hugs!



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