That’s so 2019: Wedding Beauty Trends to Keep and Ditch in 2020

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With the start of a new year, comes a point of reflection. The trends we liked, disliked and what will continue on in 2020. In 2019, we saw the rise of natural makeup looks, boho hairstyles, and lash extensions duke it out with false lashes. As we usher in 2020, here are the wedding beauty trends to keep and ditch from 2019.

Wedding Beauty Trends to Keep and Ditch in 2020

Keep: False Lashes

The growing trend in 2019 was a lean towards more natural makeup looks, and that includes more natural and wispy false lashes, as opposed to lash extensions. To keep with the natural look, as for smaller and wispy lashes to mimic how natural lashes grow, as well as “individuals” (false lashes that are individually placed to add fullness amongst the strip lashes).

Ditch: Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are great for a short term, so if you still want to get them, I would suggest getting them before a trip (i.e. vacation, honeymoon, etc). If you keep them on too long, they do hinder the growth of your natural lashes and cause them to fall out over time. Plus it’s costly and a lot of time to maintain (every 2-3 weeks for fills).

Keep: Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation gets a bad rap, but it is actually really good for a flawless finish and is long-wearing. It’s easy to touch up with liquid foundation and if you are worried about it feeling heavy, don’t. There are so many different types of foundation based on skin type, and level of coverage, there is a foundation that will work for you and make your skin look flawless.

Ditch: Airbrush Foundation

Airbrush is still a thing, and isn’t a bad choice, but for most brides they don’t realize that airbrush isn’t as easy to touch up. If you happen to cry a lot or sweat, the airbrush may bleed, and if it does, you can’t touch it up / blend it with the rest of your makeup without the airbrush machine. If you have sensitive skin, or have worn it before and are dead set on it, by all means, but you can get a flawless look that is long wearing with traditional makeup.

Keep: Dewy and Glowing Skin

For 2020, focus on glowing skin that looks dewy and fresh. More brides are going for a “natural makeup look” that makes them look like a 2.0 version of themselves, but still looks good in photos as well. They don’t want their makeup to look overdone or heavy, and contouring and highlight if not done by a professional can look over the top.

Ditch: Heavy Contouring

If you want to look like Kardashians, then by all means go for heavy contouring, but the average person doesn’t want to wear that much makeup. There is a time and a place for contour, but you do want to still look like yourself, and heavy contouring can look overdone or manufactured (like it’s not really your face).

Keep: Effortless Hairstyles

2020 is the year of embracing simplicity. More and more brides are choosing to keep things simple and sophisticated with hairstyles. Opting for all down with soft curls, half-up hairstyles with a twist at the back, and soft twisted updos or sleek ones. They are embracing an elevated look that is timeless, rather than anything too bohemian.

Ditch: Braids

I love a good braid, don’t get me wrong, but going in 2020, I see more brides going for more sophisticated and simple hairstyles than an over-abundance of braids. They are deciding to do a simple twist in lieu of a braid or forgoing one at all.

If you want to do a braid, I would choose to do one (like for a half-up hairstyle, or updo), than two to three.

Keep: Neutral lip colors

Pinks, nudes, and tan lipsticks are keeping in line with the sophisticated and elevated and feel for makeup looks going into 2020. If you want to play up your look, do it on your eyes, rather than your lip color.

Ditch: Red lips

Unless you normally wear bold lipstick or are going for a more glamorous / Old Hollywood look, leave the red lipstick for another day. It’s not timeless, and can often make you look washed out if you aren’t used to it (or super pale like me).

Hair + Makeup Styles to Try in 2020

Hair accessories

Think clips, decorative pins, headbands, bows, etc. Add some flair and a little bit of your personality into your hairstyle / look with some fun accessories.


Going along with the easy and effortless hairstyles, a look to consider in 2020 is a ponytail. It can be sleek or slightly messy depending on your overall look and personality, plus when you are dancing the night away, it won’t get in your way!

Embracing Natural Hair Texture

If you’ve got curly hair, flaunt it. It makes you who you are, and if you feel beautiful with your natural hair texture, show it off. Your wedding day is all about feeling your best, so do what feels best to you.

Bold Eyes or Eye Accessories

2020 is the year of color, so if you want to try something bold, go for a strong eyeshadow color. Think bright blues, vibrant oranges, yellows, etc. Or try something a little different and incorporate some pearls on your eyelids as part of your eye makeup look. It’s very editorial and edgy, but if you’re up for it, you could certainly pull it off.

So what do you think? What wedding beauty trends do you want to keep and ditch in 2020? Let us know!



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