Top 5 Mistakes Wedding Blogs Make About Hair and Makeup

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Most wedding blogs get it wrong when it comes to hair and makeup for your wedding day. They often say that you should reach out with at least 3 months from your wedding day, and that pricing for your wedding hair and makeup will be determined by the style. These are wrong and in my experience as beauty concierge, causing stress for engaged brides / couples. For all of you who are engaged and starting the wedding planning process, I’m going to give you the truth when it comes to hair and makeup, that way you get the experience you deserve and aren’t stressed leading up to your wedding day. 

Top 5 Mistakes Wedding Blogs Make About Hair & Makeup


1. Hair and makeup pricing depends on the style you are getting 

This is for the most part (like 90% incorrect). A hairstylist or makeup artist’s pricing is determined by their experience and skill level, not whether you choose to have an updo or a down-style. When you are booking a professional, you are paying for their expertise and the peace of mind that they will achieve the look you want. You want your hairstyle and makeup to last, so by choosing to go with a professional you are insuring that. They have spent years refining their craft to become and expert in it, so when you ask them for a discount or to charge less because it’s a “simpler” look, you aren’t valuing the skill it takes to do it.

2. You should book hair and makeup 3 months out from your wedding day 

Actually, you should plan on booking your hair and makeup artists at least 6 months out from your wedding day (but 9 months or more is better). The reason being, when you give yourself 6-9 months you are allowing yourself to have options, and be able to choose from the most skilled artists before they book up. The best artists book up 9+ months in advance, so you don’t want to wait till the last minute to try to book someone and find that all the good options are gone. 

Top 5 Mistakes Wedding Blogs Get Wrong About Hair and Makeup

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3. Most artists charge by the hour for services 

Unless you are in a resort town like Vail or Aspen, this isn’t the case. Most artists charge by the service itself, not on an hourly rate. If you are wanting them to stay for touchups, then it becomes an hourly rate. 

4. A trial is included in the pricing

This is rarely the case, as the hair and makeup artist is spending at least 2 – 3 hours with you prior to the wedding day (or prior to you booking) to refine a look that you will love on your wedding day. They are using their products and more importantly their time to give you the experience you deserve. A trial is almost always a separate cost and it should be, as think about if someone asked you to spend 2-3 hours of your day doing work for them, and then decided to go with someone else. Having a separate cost for a trial also insures that you have a professional makeup artist, as they value their time and their product and are happy to dedicate both to you when they know you are serious too. 

5. Travel is included or not applicable 

This varies amongst the artists, but given the wear and tear on one’s car and that it is a luxury for someone to come to you on the wedding day, there is almost always a travel fee. It may not be much depending on the distance, but it is not unreasonable to expect to pay the mileage for an artist to come to you. 

You should feel at ease during your wedding planning and that can only happen when you have all the right information. Be wary of what wedding blogs say, take these tips to heart and happy wedding planning!



P.S. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed by options, don’t hesitate to reach out. That’s what we help alleviate as a Beauty Concierge Service, so you can enjoy your engagement, and not feel stressed about the process.

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