The Family Friend Dilemma On Your Wedding Day

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Whenever a potential client tells me that a family friend is offering to do the hair and makeup for their wedding, two things go through my mind: 1) that’s very sweet of them to offer and 2) are they are professional hairstylist and/or makeup artist? I understand why a lot of brides feel the lure of the “family friend” doing their hair and/or makeup for their wedding day. They know them, and it will be cheaper (often a gift), but more often than not, this is a horrible idea. On the most important day of your life, do you want to leave the fate of how you look/feel to a family friend? Maybe, but maybe not. 

Avoid Hiring A “Family Friend” For Your Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

First and foremost, if your family friend isn’t a professional hairstylist or makeup artist, then I would strongly caution against allowing them to do your hair and makeup for your wedding day. 

Here’s why:

  • The beauty schedule starts the day off and a professional knows exactly how long it will take them to do a hair and/or makeup style (aka you won’t run late).
  • They more than likely won’t have all the necessary tools needed. 
  • If they are offering it as a “gift”, they might flake. It’s been known to happen, just forewarning. 
  • Your hair and makeup will be immortalized in your photos. Do you want to risk that you hate how you look on your wedding day because you didn’t hire a professional? You do get what you pay for and it’s worth the pricing

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You Get What You Pay For

I understand it is a very sweet gesture and maybe your family friend is incredible at doing their own hair and makeup, but wedding hair and makeup is an entirely different ballgame and it’s imperative that you have a professional, in case of any contingencies. 

If your family friend is a professional hairstylist or makeup artist, make sure they have done wedding hair and makeup. Believe me, being a professional hairstylist or makeup artist, doesn’t mean that you are good at wedding hair and/or makeup. 

What’s the difference? 

  • Wedding hairstyles have to last all day (like 8+ hours) and professional stylists who do wedding hair have the tools, product and experience to make it last. 
  • Wedding makeup needs to last all day and look good on camera (without looking overdone). It’s an art and not easy to do. 
  • There will be a consistency of quality for your bridesmaids hair and makeup as well.
  • On a wedding day, you won’t have much time to do any redos, so being on time is imperative to the overall schedule
  • The professionals are prepared for any contingencies (i.e. people running late, crying, etc.) and prepared to handle them accordingly. 

Elwynn + Cass Beauty Concierge / Family Friend

It’s Your Wedding Day

Despite all of this, if you decide you want to go with the family friend, I would highly advise to have them do a trial on you, that way you can be sure you like the looks they do on you, and you get the timing down. If it takes longer than 2 hours for bridal hair and makeup as most professionals take, then you can at least plan accordingly for your schedule and not feeling stressed. 

Ultimately it’s your wedding day, and you should feel your absolute best, so whether it’s a family friend or a professional, just make sure you vocalize what you like, don’t like or want to change about your look. It’s your day and you should love everything about it. 



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