Ashley + Paul: A Glamorous Wedding at Soka University

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The majority of brides for 2019 want very natural and bohemian weddings, but not Ashley. I first connected with Ashley through referral, and when she described her wedding day look as elegant and sultry and I knew she was going to have an incredible wedding. Well that and she had 15 people (aside from herself) for hair and makeup. It was definitely a full day, but the artists I chose for her did not disappoint and neither did her wedding at Soka University.

Elwynn + Cass / Soka University

Ashley’s Wedding Hair and Makeup Look at Soka University

As I mentioned before, Ashley wanted more of an elegant, yet sultry look. She loves fashion and makeup and being African American, a makeup artist that was skilled in all skin tones was a must. Upon our initial consultation, she was very clear in her makeup description.

Makeup Look

She wanted a natural look, but would still like a bit of smokey eye beneath and in the corner crease to create a sultry look.  For lip colors, she leaned towards light pinks, bold reds, or a shade of nude.

Pro tip: The best lipstick shades for you depend on your skin undertone. If you have cooler undertones (pink, red or blue-ish hue to your skin) then shades with purple or blue undertones are best. Avoid anything with an orange undertone. If you have warm undertones (veins look green, gold jewelry works on you and you tan easily) then you can wear shades in warm colors (orange and bold reds).

She wanted to compliment her large eyes, but knew that overly dramatic lashes would be over the top. She wanted more natural looking lashes to open her eyes for photos, but not be too much.


Elwynn + Cass / Beauty Concierge / Soka University

Kevin T Photography

Hairstyle Look

For Ashley’s hair, she was leaning more towards an elegant updo. Nothing bohemian or too loose in nature. She settled on a bridal hairstyle that looked elegant, and still complimented the sultriness of her makeup, without overshadowing it.

Pro tip: If you are African American and have more coarse hair texture, to prep your hair for your wedding day, it is best to come with it cleanly washed, blown dry and flat-ironed. This allows for the stylist to prep it appropriately and be able to style it efficiently. If it isn’t freshly washed (and clean of product), it makes it very difficult to get the desired look for your hairstyle. 

Elwynn + Cass / Soka University

Scheduling Hair and Makeup For 15 People

My role as a Beauty Concierge is to make sure the beauty process is smooth and stress free. One aspect is to make sure that the timeline for the wedding day hair and makeup services is sound and everything goes smoothly. With 15 people this presents challenge, as most brides don’t want to start too early in the morning. So I scheduled the appropriate number of artists to make sure no one was up too early getting ready. For Ashley and her group, I scheduled 4 hair and makeup artists, especially since they needed to be ready by 12:00pm. It was a 6:00am start time, and finished by 12:00pm and that included some time for touchups.

Timing is everything the day of a wedding, as hair and makeup sets the tone for the day. If hair and makeup runs late, the rest of the timeline gets pushed back (i.e. less time for photos, dancing, etc). This didn’t happen though, despite some bridesmaids not coming prepped for the services. Ashley was beyond happy and had the wedding of her dreams at the campus of Soka University with her husband to be looking just as dapper.

Elwynn + Cass / Soka University

If you’ve ever think a university campus can’t be the setting for a wedding. Let alone for a glamorous, elegant and sultry wedding. Ashley and Paul’s wedding at Soka University campus will prove you wrong.



Elwynn + Cass

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