What Does A “Natural Makeup Look” Mean?

The most common makeup request that I get from my brides and clients is a “natural makeup look”, but what does that even mean? What is natural to you I can guarantee is different than what I think of when it comes to natural and to the makeup artist as well. Which is why inspiration photos are so important when it comes to being on the same page, but also the terms you use to describe what you like or don’t like. If you are trying to search through Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration, it can be overwhelming I know, so here is a quick crash course in what each version of “natural makeup” looks like.

“Natural Makeup” Looks

Starting from the simplest and most natural to the a more glam version of natural, this is what each look actually looks like and the words you can use to describe the look you are wanting to your makeup artist.

Fine Art Makeup Look

What I like to call the “fine art” bridal makeup look is one that is a minimal makeup look. I usually recommend this style for brides and clients that almost never wear makeup day to day. The brides that want this look, want to feel exactly like themselves on their wedding day, but elevated enough that photos will look good too. If false lashes are used, they are very natural looking and just enough to open the eyes up for photos. It’s the lightest form of coverage and if you have freckles and want to show them off, this is the style for you.

Natural makeup look / fine art bride

Dear Lovers Photography // Beauty Concierge: Elwynn +Cass

Soft Glam Makeup Look

A soft glam look involves medium coverage when it comes to foundation (enough that it’s there and can hold up to high-definition lighting of photos), and often has some contour and highlight to bring definition to the face. Not so much that’s glam, but enough to accentuate your features in the best way. Eyeshadows shades/tones are neutrals of browns, light pinks, and golds to bring enough shimmer and open your eyes, but the focus isn’t on the eyes. The false lashes are more whispy in nature, so they still look natural. A soft glam look is finished with a neutral lip color.

Soft glam makeup look

The same look can be accentuated even more with a bit more pop on the eyes. Adding a shimmer or light smokey eye to make the eyes pop even more. A bit of blush on the cheeks can also be added to the mix to bring a more rosy definition and healthy glow.

Natural Glam Makeup Look

Where a soft glam makeup look has more medium coverage, a natural glam look is full coverage foundation with a focus on highlight that is noticeable in person and in photos along with contour and then a touch of glam on the eyes or lip. This would involve eyeliner (black or brown) and a bold lip (either red or bright pink). The lashes for this look are also more full and bold to make the eyes pop.

Natural glam makeup look

The Hons Photo // Beauty Concierge: Elwynn + Cass

Full Natural Glam Makeup Look

This look is the most coverage and will photograph the best with high definition lighting. It’s the combination of all the things we’ve talked about thus far (highlight, contour, blush, shimmer or light smokey eyes, liner, bolder lashes and defined brows). When it comes to a wedding day, this look is for the bride that is wears full coverage makeup on a daily basis and isn’t afraid to have a more defined and bold look. You still have that “natural makeup” look idea, but with a touch of bold.

Full natural glam makeup look


Keep in mind!

If you are still unsure what look is best for you, consider these questions to help convey to your artist what you are thinking might be best.

  • How much makeup do you wear on a daily basis?
  • What kind of products do you use?
  • How much coverage do you like? 

Ultimately, it’s all about your comfort level and how you feel when wearing makeup. If you don’t wear much day to day, then say that, as a full coverage face of makeup will most likely freak you out, and you don’t need to feel self conscious.

Hope this help and follow along on our Instagram page to see more inspiration pics and varying makeup looks. You might find one that’s perfect for you!



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