A Spring Wedding at L’Auberge Del Mar

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I’m not going to lie, living in San Diego, CA (California in general), there are a plethora of venues to choose from and it makes it really hard to choose when they are all close to the beach. One of my favorites though is L’Auberge Del Mar. It’s modern coastal, with a laid back, yet refined feel to it. You are close enough to the beach (1 minute close enough?) without being on the beach with locals and tourists alike. Plus the lighting is absolutely breathtaking there, particularly for hair and makeup and getting ready photos. My favorite time that couples get married there is in Spring, and Sarah and Matthew did just that.

Pre-Wedding Talk

I was first introduced to the bride, Sarah, by her wonderful planner, Sandy from Timeless Event Planning. Whenever I am consulting with a bride on their wedding hair and makeup looks, I ask a series of questions to help me get to know her better. These include:

  • What style are you going for with hair and makeup?
  • How do you want to feel? Classic, elegant, glam, etc.
  • How much do you want to invest in your wedding hair and makeup? 
  • What’s most important to you during this experience? Quality, cost, having fun, etc.
  • Anything else about you, that gives me a sense of you!

These questions allow me to get to know my brides, that way I can do my job as their beauty concierge as best I can, and make sure they have the absolute best fit with hair and makeup on their wedding day.

Elwynn and Cass Beauty Concierge Wedding Hair and Makeup

Photography: Tony Wodarck // Beauty Concierge: Elwynn + Cass

Sarah’s answers to my questions gave me a perfectly succinct depiction of her and the experience she wanted to have with her wedding hair and makeup. She described her wedding as outdoor garden-esque with a touch of modern. While her style for her hair and makeup as more of a subtle sexy. A look that showcased her assets off, but in a classic and elegant way. Nothing over the top, just an elevated version of herself.

She also cared about the quality of her hair and makeup and it lasting throughout the day and night (as she conveyed that she loves to dance), though she wanted to be mindful of her budget as well. With this in mind, I sent her 2 options of artists for hair and makeup within her style and budget.

L’Auberge Del Mar

To make sure her day of look was flawless and she would be completely at ease, she opted to do a hair and makeup trial. It’s rare that you will get the look right on the first try and was the case for Sarah. It’s so important to be upfront with the hair and makeup artists about what you like, don’t like or want to change during the trial, as that’s the time it can be adjusted. Believe me, the artists are never offended, they strive to make sure you are happy with the final look and feel at ease for your wedding day.

There were a few adjustments to be made during her trial, and at the end, she loved her look. Come wedding day, everything went smoothly and she had a stress-free, fun day with her gals.

Elwynn and Cass Beauty Concierge Wedding Hair and Makeup

Photography: Tony Wodarck // Beauty Concierge: Elwynn + Cass

Have you decided on your wedding day hair and makeup? If you ever need help, don’t hesitate to reach out, that’s what I’m here for. You should enjoy your engagement, and not have to worry about a thing.
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