Bridesmaids Hair + Makeup Trends That Are Out For 2019.

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Can you believe it’s 2019 already? Last year flew by and 2019 will be no different I am sure. Though with some new trends to keep in mind for couples. Wedding hair and makeup is no exception, though I want to focus more on the bridesmaids for right now. Do you know the bridesmaid hair and makeup trends for 2019? If not, don’t fret. Here’s our go to guide for the hair and makeup looks your bridesmaids should be rocking in 2019 and the ones they shouldn’t be.

Bridesmaids Hair + Makeup Trends For 2019.

Do focus on individuality

2018 was the year in which bridesmaids typically wore the same dresses, same color and a similar style. 2019 is turning that on its head and embracing the bridesmaid’s individuality and saying goodbye to uniform styles. How does this apply for hair and makeup? Let them choose their own style. Yep I said it. Give them autonomy of what style they like and want to wear. You want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable on your wedding day right? Hair and makeup is one service that really dictates how one feels, so if you want them to have the best time, let them choose what will make them feel the most confident.

Another way you can apply this if you don’t want to give them full reign is to say they can choose what style they want, but there has to be a cohesive element amongst all the bridesmaids hair and/or makeup.

Ways you can incorporate this:

  • Everyone has a braid incorporated into their style
  • Everyone has a ponytail, but can choose what type
  • Allow them to choose their eyeshadow to compliment their features, but everyone has the same lip color.

Bridesmaids hair and makeup trends for 2019

Don’t let them go too out of the box

Even though you want to give your bridesmaids more input into their style, they should still keep in mind the color palette and vibe of your wedding. If you are going for a fine art, elegant style, don’t let your bridesmaids go full glam with crazy lashes or bright red lip. If you want that to happen, at least make sure all of the bridesmaids have a red lip so it looks cohesive. Otherwise give your bridesmaids boundaries on their hair and makeup. It is your wedding day after all.

Do focus more on simplicity

More the styles for 2019 are focusing on simplicity and allowing ones true beauty to shine. Not some overly complicated style or too boho (braids galore, etc.). Instead focus on soft, sweeping updos, or effortless looking waves, half-up styles. 2019 is about embracing your features and allowing them to shine, so keep this in mind for your bridesmaids when thinking of styles.

Bridesmaids hair and makeup trends for 2019

Don’t let them do their own hair and/or makeup

I know wedding hair and makeup can be expensive, but it’s an investment into looking and feeling your best. For your bridesmaids you want them to all look cohesive in the sense that it was all professionally done by the same artists. You are paying a lot for your photography and the last thing you want is for one of your bridesmaids to look out of place because she decided to do her own hair and makeup, while everyone else got theirs done professionally.



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