Up, Up, And Away: Beauty Hacks While Traveling

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If you happen to travel a lot and live out of a suitcase or carry-on at times, then you know the struggle of maintaining a solid routine. Traveling somehow automatically puts your system out of whack. You get sick quicker (stay away all you sick people), and your skin breaks out with the slightest change. Believe me, I know how you feel. Since I tend to travel more often than not, and my carry-on is basically by beau, beauty hacks while traveling are essential. I have figured out some hacks that keep me healthy, thriving and sassy AF.

beauty hacks while traveling

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Pre Flight Routine

Before any flight, I am sure to get some exercise in (a brisk walk or gym time if possible). This gets your blood flowing and circulation going, since sitting on planes can clog up your circulation and cause some swelling in your legs from being sedentary. You don’t want to walk off the plane feeling like gumby and looking like you have cankles from water retention. Not cute.

I’m also very careful to get my daily greens in. I take a supplement every morning (Green Machine Superfood Greens) to get my serving of greens in, since airport food isn’t the best and you want your immune system in tip top shape for any germs you may encounter.

In Transit

Once you are on the plane, be sure to drink plenty of water, since you naturally get dehydrated while in the air. Water will help flush out any toxins from your system and help prevent you from feeling sluggish. I know you may have to pee a lot, but I’m sure you’d rather do that, than feel like crap when you get off the plane.

If you aren’t worried about any weird glances you might get, throw on a sheet mask during the flight. It’s the perfect time hydrate your skin as well from the outside. Chrissy Teigen does this all the time, so be like the cool kids and get with the program. But seriously though it does wonders for your skin and you walk off the plane feeling like a supermodel with your skin glowing.

beauty hacks while travelingJulie Ferneau Photography

Once you arrive at your destination

After you have deplaned and arrived at your destination, be sure to clean your face if you can (i.e. wash off your makeup and cleanse your face). There are a lot of airborne germs that can settle into your skin and the next thing you know you have a new friend on your face the next day. It may seem tedious, but it’s super helpful.

Also, when on trips I bring to go packets of my superfood greens so I can put it in some water and get my daily dose of greens even when traveling. I also try to eat plenty of fiber, since it’s not pleasant, but digestion gets thrown out of whack when traveling, so avoid any issues with a healthy diet.

My Go-To Beauty Products While Traveling

When I’m going on a trip, I pack some essentials that are effective and also TSA approved (i.e. below 4.0 oz).

What are some of your favorite beauty hacks while traveling? Share this with your friends, colleagues, etc. and see what you have in common!



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