How To Plan Beauty For A Destination Wedding

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I have always loved the idea of a destination wedding. You are able to see a new place, experience new things, and create unforgettable memories. Plus destination weddings are usually much more intimate. More and more the couples we work with are destination weddings, coming from all different parts of the country and world. One of our most recent couples was a destination wedding all the way from Dubai to get married in San Diego. Planning beauty for a destination wedding can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be, especially if you can work with a beauty planner.

Planning beauty for a destination wedding

Our most recent destination wedding couple were Cathy + Minh, who came from Dubai to get married in San Diego at the Park Hyatt Aviara. In the few months of correspondence between Cathy and I and setting up beauty for her wedding day, she was only going to be in town 1 time prior to the wedding. Since she was coming from such a distance, it was imperative to get a trial for her set up on the date she was going to be in town.

Destination wedding

Photography: The Youngrens
Beauty Planning: Elwynn + Cass

If you are planning a destination wedding, you will more than likely have to go to your destination for certain parts of the planning process (menu tasting, venue walkthroughs, etc.). With this in mind, try to schedule a hair and/or makeup trial for your wedding during this time. No matter how far out it is, with a destination wedding you have to consider your time and it’s value. Kill a few birds with one stone by planning it all together or do your hair and/or makeup trial for your engagement session.

Book your hair and/or makeup early

For a lot of destination wedding locations, the hair and/or makeup artists in those areas are in high demand, so it is best to schedule a trial early and book the artists early as well. I normally recommend booking hair and/or makeup at least 6 months in advance, but for a destination wedding would event say 7-9 months just in case.

destination wedding

Photography: The Youngrens
Beauty Planning: Elwynn + Cass

Pro tip: Always put down a deposit for your hair and/or makeup artist(s). It doesn’t matter if they seem trustworthy and reliable. Put down a deposit and have a signed contract. By having a deposit and signed contract you can feel secured that they will do the job they are contracted for and not potentially cancel on you for another opportunity that pays more. 

Enjoy the memories

With a destination wedding, there are definitely pros and cons for sure, but if you choose to do one, you will create memories that will last a lifetime. Destination weddings and elopements are becoming the new trend and I think they are here to stay.



P.S. need beauty for your wedding day or event? We’d love to help any way that we can and take the stress off of you. Let’s chat!

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