Tricks To Finding Hair or Makeup Inspiration via Instagram or Pinterest

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Hey everybody!! I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day and she mentioned getting the most benefit out of a hair and makeup trial. The before, during and after the process to make sure you get the best bang for your buck and see if you really like it. Prior to a trial, one of the most important aspects is some inspiration for the hair and makeup you want. Though with apps like Instagram and Pinterest, it can be very overwhelming, though it doesn’t have to be. We’ve mentioned before ways to find the hair and makeup best suited to you via Pinterest. Though this time, we are going to be super specific and give you some shortcuts to help make it easy to find the hair and makeup inspiration and get the most benefit for your trial.

Finding Inspiration via Instagram or Pinterest

When you type in any particular hashtag to search for inspiration, you get inundated with options and it can be quite overwhelming. However, here are some quick tips that will help you narrow it down, and also find the ones best suited for you.

hair and makeup inspiration

Be Specific

If you are looking for beachy hairstyles, be sure to type that in. Whatever hairstyle or makeup look you are searching for, you need to be specific about the style. Otherwise, you will be scrolling for hours. Which is totally fine if you want to get lost in the bottomless pit, but I doubt it.

Some ideas:

Bridal updo hairstyles

Soft glam makeup

Bold red lip

Glitter eye makeup


Look For Examples That Look Like YOU

One of the biggest missteps I see clients doing is coming with inspiration that looks nothing like them. Like a woman with a dark complexion coming in with a photo of a blonde hair woman with super light skin tone. This makes it a little difficult as the expectations could be off, especially since chances are, you will not look exactly like your inspiration photos. So my number one tip is to look for inspiration photos of hair or makeup looks on women (or men) that look similar to you.

Also, when you do this, you will be able to imagine what it would look like on you even before you do a trial.

hair and makeup inspiration

Be Realistic

I know that super elaborate hairstyle looks absolutely stunning and that makeup looks flawless, but is it realistic? I often get inspiration photos from clients that are not entirely realistic, especially given the status of their hair or skin texture. The majority of the voluminous and textured braids and twisted styles look like that because they have extensions and lots of them. If you want that look, you need to be realistic about the fact that you might need to add extensions to get the look you want. Go into a trial with an open mind that this might be a possibility or there might be a style even better suited to you that the stylist can suggest.

So that’s that. Some quick tips to help ease the process of finding your hair and/or makeup inspiration. Hopefully, this helped and if you have any questions, as always you can reach out and we will hook you up 😉



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