What Does Self-Care Mean To You?

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Has anyone else noticed that self-care seems to be the latest trend? So much so, that the other day I was interviewed for a podcast about self-care and what it means to me. In general self-care is taking time for yourself, however that may be, but that’s far more basic than it actually is. Self-care isn’t a trend, rather an awareness of yourself and what you truly need to be your best self.

So what does self-care mean to me? It’s means investing in yourself so that you can be the best possible version of yourself.

Invest In Yourself

Self-care may seem indulgent to some, but to me, it’s a necessity. I think of self-care as an investment in myself and my well-being. Think of your energy and your well-being like a bank. The more you invest in your bank, the better prepared you are for life. Your energy stores are high, you are in good spirits, and you are able to dedicate yourself to whatever needs your attention to the best of your ability. If you don’t invest in yourself and your bank, you are spending. For me, activities that require a ton of energy like networking events, answering emails, doing timelines, etc. are me spending my energy. By investing back in myself with self-care activities (i.e. working out, unplugged mornings, etc.) I am recharging.


Self-care activities are simply the activities that bring you joy and make you feel whole. For me, this could be as simple as making my morning cup of matcha, sitting on the couch and sipping it in silence. Or it could be going to the gym and detaching from emails, calls and text messages for an hour, 5 days a week. Whatever makes you feel whole or helps center you, invest more in that.

How to Incorporate Self-Care Into Your Daily Routine

In order to invest in yourself, you need to make it a priority. Being the A-type personality that I am, my days are planned to the tee. Which means that the easiest way for me to invest in myself is to plan for it. Any other appointments I have go on my calendar, so the ones for myself are exactly the same.

It may sound silly, but by putting my self-care moments into my calendar, I am less likely to break them, because it’s a commitment. I wouldn’t break a commitment to a client, so why would I do the same to myself, when it’s just as important? I even go as far that if I have it scheduled in my calendar and a vendor or client asks to chat during that time, I purposely tell them I cannot chat then. I have a meeting. It happens to be with myself, but that doesn’t matter.


You Are Worth It

It may take some getting used to, but self-care is about making yourself just as much of a priority as you do others. It will keep you sane. It will make you happier. Most of all, it will allow you to approach life in the best way possible.

Trust me, it’s worth it. You will thank yourself later for doing it.

How do you indulge in self-care?



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