Beauty Timeline: Bridal Do’s and Don’t’s For Your Wedding Day

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Congratulations! If you are reading this post, you are probably at the point of planning hair and makeup for your wedding day! Which means you are in the thick of planning and at the point where you realize you need to get your beauty regime figured out. If you are trying to decide what style you want to do for hair and/or makeup, you should probably check out our post here. When you are past this point and have decided to do a trial and most likely booked your hair and makeup team, there are some do’s and don’t’s to consider leading up to the day. A beauty timeline if you will, courtesy of the fabulous MUA Laura Louise

bridal do's and don't's

Bridal Do’s and Don’ts

Mind you, these do’s and don’ts apply primarily to the beauty side of things. As in when you should get your hair done or start a new skincare routine (hint: at least a month). For the most part, this is just a timeline to keep you happy, healthy and showcase your best yourself on your wedding day. 

Do, do, do!

  • Continue your normal skincare routine, wear lip balm and add hydration if appropriate for your skin.  This will help your skin be a clean, plump canvas for your makeup artist to work with
  • Get facial waxing or sugaring done about a week before your trial or wedding.  This gives the skin time to regenerate and ensures that you will be fuzz free for the big day.
  • Use a brightening and/or hydrating mask the day before your trial or wedding.  These are easy on the skin, but add a layer of hydration and are wonderful pre-makeup
  • Come to your appointment with clean, dry hair free of products or serums.  This helps your hairstylist be able to control the hairstyle and allows them to add the products they need to use
  • Ask questions of your artist and bring inspiration photos!  This really helps the artist be able to create the perfect makeup or hairstyle for you.  
  • Let you artist know of any skin allergies or cosmetic allergies.  Your artist will thank you and so will your skin
  • Plan on about 2 hours to get your makeup and hair done on the day of your wedding.  Take this time to relax, eat a little food, have a beverage and have a moment of zen before the activities of the day commence
  • Enjoy getting pampered!  This is your day! You deserve it

It truly is a day for you to feel special and enjoy the day, so don’t sweat the small stuff. However, there are some very specific don’t’s you need to keep in mind. Really these are so you are stressing the day of, because who the hell has time for that?

Bridal do's and don't's

Don’t. Please don’t.

  • Start a new skincare routine within the week of your wedding day.  This includes retinoids and chemical exfoliants! These can cause peeling, redness, flakiness or irritation that can be difficult to cover with makeup. If you need some recommendations for an everyday skincare routine, you can check out mine.
  • Get your facial waxing done within 3 days of your trial or wedding day.  Waxing or sugaring exfoliates your skin and can make it difficult for foundation to stick to your skin.
  • Use a clarifying mask the night before your trial or wedding.  These can bring up bacteria and dirt to the surface causing purging or breakouts.  
  • Get a spray tan days before your wedding.  Spray tans need time to settle into the skin and you want to ensure that your tan is as natural looking as possible and doesn’t come off on your gown.
  • Come to your hair trial with dirty, unwashed hair.  The oils in hair can interact and break down hair products.
  • Get Botox or other fillers done days before your trial or wedding.  Your face and skin need time to heal and for redness and swelling to subside.  No amount of makeup can hide swelling!
  • Not think you need to wear your makeup or hair a certain way on your wedding day.  If you are normally a lover of natural makeup looks, consider bumping it up slightly for the day of, but don’t feel pressured to go full glam.  And visa versa!


Again these are all recommendations, but highly advised ones, as they keep you stress-free. Ultimately, it is your wedding day and you should feel your best the whole way through.

If you are wanting a copy for yourself, let us know and we can send you one personalized to you!

Beauty Timeline For Your Wedding Day!

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Use it for yourself or give your bridesmaids! Really these are perfect for any special occasion, not just your wedding day. And if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d be happy to help.



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  • Nathalia

    Super useful list of things that can so easily be overlooked! Your comment about waxing/sugaring can also be applied to anything being done to eyebrows, whether that’s waxing or threading. And your point about retinols and other treatments its so true! It’s easy to feel like you need to step up your skincare game to be glowing on the day of the wedding, but keeping a consistent routine is really the best way to go.

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