How To Stand Out From The Crowd On Your Wedding Day

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It’s 2018, wedding season is in full force and if you are anything like us, you like to be a little different. Blush and white is pretty and all, but let’s be a little original here. A personal touch here and there does wonders and ultimately your wedding day will stand out. Luckily our good friend Sarah from Kindred Weddings & Events has some amazing tips on how to have a stand out wedding day!

What Makes a Wedding Day Stand Out?

No two weddings are exactly the same, because no two couples are the same. Each has their own likes, dislikes, style, favorites, and inspirations. The most unique part of a wedding is the atmosphere the couple creates through their design decisions. Every little choice you make as you are planning your wedding, that your guests are going to see, reflects a little bit of who you are and what is most important to you.

But sometimes weddings can look quite similar. Same rustic tablescapes, same floral arch, same wedding dress, same venue location. You might start to feel as if you have lost inspiration and want to give in to the Pinterest game of copycat. I know it sounds easy, but in the end it won’t be YOU! Here are some ways to dive in to your planning, and style your wedding uniquely you.

Stand Out Wedding Day

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Personalized Words & Branding

This is actually a big trend for 2018 and can be used to create lovely momentos of the occasion! Whether it’s a hand-drawn map of the wedding festivities passed out to guests as they arrive, your favorite saying painted on a banner above the sweetheart table, or a cheeky sign telling guests to request songs that make them think of the bride or groom – personalizing your day with YOUR WORDS is important.

For smaller weddings, you could write out individual notes to each guest thanking them for something meaningful they have taught you. If you have a large guest list, you could brand your whole event with a custom designed logo that you can add to your invites, napkins, program and even have added as a light projection on your dance floor! And don’t forget about designing a custom Snapchat filter for your guests to use as they share your fantastic event!

Stand Out Wedding Day

Photography: Jorge Macias Photography


Most brides-to-be might hop right on the floral centerpiece train and ride it all the way in to the station ( I know I did! ), but I have seen some truly fun and unique ideas over the years. Try thinking in terms of your couple style and what you want your guests to feel. Maybe you want to recreate special dates you took as a couple on each table, or give your guests a game or activity to play, even lanterns or baskets can change up the feel of the typical flowers in vases. I coordinated a wedding where a couple had their dessert cakes as their table centerpieces. It’s no secret they have a sweet tooth and the guests definitely enjoyed having a personalized cake right at the table to dig in to!


When it comes to making a timeline, don’t be afraid to break the mold and do things in a different order or bring in something new that represents who you are as a couple. If you don’t want to do a sit-down plated dinner, you have many other options. Like a cocktail party. If you are leaning towards a quiet morning ceremony with a brunch afterwards or even a big dance party later that evening, make a plan! Many brides are opting out of some wedding traditions that don’t always work for them. For example, a bouquet toss when all your friends are already married, the “money dance” when doing a destination wedding, and a cake cutting when you would rather be eating donuts. Highlight the most important parts of your wedding day by keeping them front and center on your timeline.

standing out wedding day

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Unique Experiences

Weddings aren’t just about sitting at an assigned table, they are about celebrating relationships! Your guests would love a fun way to interact with you on your big day, so they don’t feel like they are sitting back watching a well-rehearsed show. To get guests on their feet, have a group scavenger hunt with prizes, shuttle your guests to the wedding in style by limo or in hot air balloons, have a silhouette artist or calligrapher make keepsakes for the guests, or a video booth where guests can leave messages for the happy couple. You could even bring in a choreographer to teach everyone a fun dance, or hire singing waiters to entertain as the food is served!

Standing Out Wedding Day

Christine Flower Photography

You will create the most cherished memories of your life on your wedding day. They will flood back to you in the most everyday ways. The sights, sounds, and feel of the day are remembered when your first dance song comes on the radio, when a flower from your bouquet is spotted in a garden, or when someone feels elated while being surrounded by those they love most as they build up memories.

Are you ready to start planning your love-fueled, epic celebration?


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