Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now (And You Will Too)

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You know that feeling when you walk into a Sephora and you immediately feel overwhelmed by the number of options? Same girl. I’ve been there many a time, and still feel that way on occasion. Rarely do I go into any beauty store just to browse, because god forbid you pick up a product, buy that product and then it falls flat. Money and time wasted, plus you can’t (or won’t) use the product again. So I have a solution for you, so you won’t look like a deer in headlights walking into a beauty store. Here are the current beauty products I’m loving right now, and I am sure you will too.

Beauty Products You Need In Your Life

MILK Blur Stick

Just picked this product up the other day, and this was actually an impulse buy. That says a lot, since I never buy makeup on impulse. Too much chance of it not working and then again money wasted. This so far has been worth the buy. As the name says, it blurs out any lines or creases. Meaning you could wear this as a super light foundation if you aren’t in the mood for full coverage, or you could use it to smooth out your skin prior to putting on your¬†foundation. I have been using it the latter way, and my skin looks baby smooth.

Prete Formula #1

I stumbled upon this product at an event, where it was part of a giveaway bag. One the packaging is super cute and easy to travel with, so already winning. Second, it’s a really good product. This particular product is a serum that is supposed to help protect your hair from heat during blowouts. Put it on damp hair, blow-dry said hair and the result is shiny, lustrous hair. Using as directed results in beautiful hair, but also as a little hack, if you put a tiny bit (we’re talking a dime-sized amount) in your palm and then smooth it through your hair when it’s dry, you get shiny hair and minimizes fly-aways. Put it in your purse or a carry-on and never have a bad hair day.

SuperFood Greens

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly a beauty product directly, but it results in beautiful skin, so I think it counts. I take Superfood greens almost every single day, as it not only gives me my daily dose of greens and alkalizes my body, but it also results in clear skin. Why is this? When your body gets enough greens and antioxidants, it naturally detoxes the body. You know how I talked about eating your way pretty a little bit ago? Well, this is eating your way pretty, the super hack version. If you do this one thing, I almost guarantee clear, glowing skin. Though I will preface this and say, you should eat a relatively healthy diet as well and try to sweat it out. It’s amazing, but also not a miracle product.

If you don’t already use these products, make a list, a note, or whatever you do, and get in the car or buy them on Amazon. I promise you, you won’t be sorry.

What are your favorite beauty products? We’d love to hear about them!





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