Beauty Timeline: Tips To Stay On Time The Day Of Your Wedding

If you are part of the wedding industry at all or have attended any wedding, then you know sometimes weddings can get a little behind. One vendor gets behind and the whole timeline is thrown off. Considering that hair and makeup is one of the first elements to take place on the wedding day, it’s best to make sure these services stay on time. Otherwise, it will put the photographer behind, the ceremony, etc. If you aren’t working with a beauty planner like us, then here is a quick rundown of how to keep your beauty timeline on track the day of your wedding.

beauty timeline

Beauty Timeline To Do:

When organizing your beauty services (hair, makeup, nails, etc.) be aware of approximately how long each service should take. This is the time it should take if no one has any changes mid-way. Bride services take approximately 60 minutes per and bridesmaids 45 minutes per. So when planning your start time, keep these in mind.

Once you have figured out your start time, be sure to add 30 minutes or so as a buffer. The last thing you want is to be planned to the exact time you need to be finished and run over, or someone arrived late. Give yourself some buffer time, to allow for any delays, changes or touchups. It’s better to be early and share a glass of champagne or mimosa with your girls than to be frantic.

A for sure way of making sure you stay on time is to hire a professional. I know having friends help or you doing your makeup yourself sounds like a good idea, but you want to enjoy the moment. A professional hairstylist or makeup artist will allow you to enjoy the moment, while also getting you beautified. They really are worth the money. 

If you happen to work with a beauty planner, then the timeline will be made with everyone’s arrival times i mind and adjusted specifically to the group. It really is something to make sure is done right prior to the wedding day, that way you aren’t stressed. You deserve a stressfree beauty experience, it is your wedding day after all.

Hope this helps and if you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!



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