2017 Beauty Recap: Our Top Tips & Tricks To Keep You Looking Good AF

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I cannot believe that it’s officially 2018. Like where did the time go? It literally feels like it was just NYE for 2017. I guess time really flies when you are having fun, or super busy. Either way, time flies.

This year has definitely been one for the books and we shared lots of content on our blog. Instead of lumping them all together (because that’s just wayyyy too much), we are doing separate ones. To start, here is our beauty recap, full of tips and tricks you can use well into 2018 and the years after that.

2017 Beauty Recap

If you are a fan of Pinterest and pinning all the best hair and makeup photos you can find, you might want to read thisA lot of photos on Pinterest are photoshopped, so we did a blog post on navigating through Pinterest and finding the best hair and makeup for you. Ones that actually suit your style, face, etc.

Going into 2018, I’m sure you already have a lot of makeup products on hand, so if you are looking to detox some or just find new ones, you can check out of our everyday makeup products. It’s a roundup of the products we use every day, so you can just keep your routine simple. Especially since in 2018 you are probably going to be killing it and won’t have a lot of time. In which case, our super easy makeup routine is probably for you. Less than 5 minutes on your makeup? Yes please!

Side note: if you are looking for some makeup products to save you time and money, check out the guest blog we did for Dope & Broke. We detailed our 3 favorite makeup products that we literally cannot live without (and you don’t need any others).

Going along with that, it is winter after all, and will then soon be spring, summer, fall, and winter again. Your makeup routine should be a little different for all the seasons, since the weather differs amongst them, and our skin reacts differently as well. We did a post a little bit ago detailing how you should approach your makeup routine for all seasons. Good time to check it out since winter is the driest time of the year.

Makeup certainly helps, but your beauty routine should also include skincare and diet. Our favorite skincare products and pretty foods will keep your skin healthy AF during winter. We’ve even detailed some of these on a guest blog for Loews Hotels in Coronado. Plus, some of those foods will keep your hair healthy during winter as well. And shiny. Who doesn’t want healthy and shiny hair

Though if you only check out one of the beauty blog posts we’ve done, you have to read our everyday beauty hacks. Literally, some of the easiest and (time-saving) hacks using everyday products.

So there you have it, the recap of our favorite beauty blog posts and hopefully you get some real value out of them. In the meantime, how are you going to switch up your beauty routine? I might try a purple lip, a la Pantone color of the year. I’ve got some ideas on how to use it for your beauty routine as well.

Happy New Year everyone!



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  • Ani

    Soooo good!!! All of it!!! Cheers to a beautiful year loves

  • Angela

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2018! Thanks for passing along these tips to keep me looking good AF 😉 lol

  • Johanna

    Oh gosh – so many awesome blog posts to read up on!
    Also – yes purple lips! I’m kind of wanting to do some purple highlights (temporary however)

  • Brittany

    Love it! Can’t wait to see all of the tips and tricks to come in 2018!

  • Christy Golder

    Love the blog post and tips!! It’s so important to keep your skin healthy and glowing during this time of year too

  • Katherine Evans

    Oh my gosh I need all the help as a new mom ? hA! Your tips and tricks and real ness have been wonderful in the past year and can’t wait to learn more this year! Thank you for all you share! I love recommending your team to my couples!!

  • Alexandria

    Love this recap. I just opened all the links to read!!! My favorite comment you made is that Pinterest photos should be combed through by your face shape, hair color, style, etc. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for unrealistic expectations of what you’ll look like! Such great content as always Katelyn <3

  • Krystal

    Love the recap! Can’t wait to try the 5 minute beauty routine (and maybe even the Pantone color ?)

  • carrie

    So true! Most Pinterest images are unrealistically photoshopped! if I am brave enough I might try the Pantone color on my eyes next date night!

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