Winter Hair Care Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy & Shiny AF

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Have you ever wondered if perhaps in the winter you should treat your hair differently than any other time of year? Well if you have, congratulations, you are thinking ahead! To answer your question, yes. Your winter hair care routine should be different than any other time of year.

Well, why?

What happens during the winter? Temperature starts to drop, it gets drier outside, and our bodies start to “hibernate” as a result. Meaning, your body starts to conserve it’s energy in the winter, in order to keep you warm and your body healthy. Just like you want to keep your skin healthy AF, it’s important to do the same for your hair. It is an extension of your overall health after-all.

Winter Hair Care 411

You are what you eat.

Just like with your skin, how you eat will reflect in your hair as well. If you aren’t getting the right nutrients (or enough of them), then your hair will suffer. Make sure to eat lots of Omegas and fatty acids. These nourish your hair, as well as, your skin. Avocados, flaxseed, nuts & nut butter, salmon, are great examples.

*If you aren’t able to get enough of these in your diet, try adding a Fish Oil or Flaxseed Oil supplement. You can pick any type of these at Von’s, Whole Foods, Jimbos, etc. Be sure to grab one that is purely the ingredient with minor added cellulose (for the capsule).

Mask it

I love to give my hair a break during the winter, so less blow-drying with heat, and just letting it air dry. Though, after washing I love to throw on a hair-mask to seal my roots and nourish it from the outside. Kopari beauty has an amazing coconut melt that you can use as a hair mask. Double whammy with that one, since coconut oil is great for your skin, as well as, your hair.

If you feel like DIY’ing a hair mask, try using honey. It sounds crazy (and really sticky), but trust me. Honey is great for reviving dry hair, as it retains moisture and prevents hair fallout. Plus the high sugar content brings back the shine and then you feel like a Victoria Secret model.

Let your roots shine through

The winter is the time for you to let your hair breathe a little bit if you feel like. Maybe don’t get it colored as often, or better yet, get balayage and then you only have to color your hair every 3-4 months. If you are super busy or you just don’t want to sit in a chair for 3 hours every 8-10 weeks, get balayage. It is life changing.

Winter is here

Whether you are in SoCal or back east, winter is here, regardless of the presence of snow or not. It’s definitely drier, and your hair will show it, so if you want shiny, Victoria’s Secret hair, try the tips above.



P.S. Let me know what you think! Have you tried one of these and if so, what were your results.

P.P.S. Do you have any winter hair care tips that work for you? Would love to hear them!

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