Super Quick Makeup For When You Don’t Have Time In The Morning

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You know those mornings where putting on a full face of makeup just seems like torture? I know you know what I am talking about. While the act of going outside without makeup on is liberating (I can attest to it), you might also see people that you want to look at least presentable. I’m not talking about a really hot guy or gal, though that is a valid reason as well. Rather, I have had the instances, in which I run into colleagues outside of scheduled meetings. Coming from an entrepreneurial standpoint, you want to put your best face forward, people will remember if you look like crap.

So for the mornings, where you don’t have much time or you honestly don’t feel like putting on makeup, here is a solution for you. A quick, five-minute face that takes less than 5 products. Whip your hair into a bun, put your coffee down, and let’s do this.

The Products:

The five (or less) products you need for a quick five-minute face, are:

  • foundation/powder
  • eyebrow pencil
  • eyeliner
  • highlight palette
  • mascara

You can use all of the above or choose what strikes your fancy. Most days, I go without eyeliner, but that’s my preference. If you have certain products you love, use them. You do you. These are the products I use for my five-minute face, which are some of my favorite everyday makeup products. 

Ready, Set, Go!

I start off with Lancome Idole Teint Makeup Stick. This thing is gold, seriously the best makeup product I have. It goes on like foundation, blends like powder and honestly feels like nothing is on your face. But it is, and your skin is flawless and smooth looking. It is so light, that I blend with my fingers. No need to dirty a brush, no time to clean it either. We are on a deadline after all.

Brows, Brows, Brows.

Next step is my brows. I use a brow pencil with a slanted end as it gives great control on shaping and filling in my brows. I use a slightly darker color than my hair color, as my roots are dark. They have a range of shades though, so if you can, I would try it out in the store before buying.

*Tip: If you happen to get a darker shade than you like (i.e. me the last time, I went), you can brush some powder foundation over your brows, and this will lighten them up. No need of the hassle to go exchange the product. 

Eyeliner Optional.

After my brows, if I am deciding to use eyeliner, this is when I would do it. I alternate between a liquid liner or a pencil depending on my mood. If I decide to use a liquid liner, it will be a slight cat eye, nothing too dramatic, just enough to define my eyes. If I go with the pencil, then I will line the the root of my lashes and bottom of eyes. After doing this, I will blend the top line, and will smudge away the liner beneath my eyes. There will still be a little residue on the underneath, which is perfect without being too dramatic.

Finishing Touches.

To give my face some life, I will use a little bit of highlight on my cheeks (the upper bone beneath the eye) and on my nose, the bridge to the tip. Make sure to blend this in, so it looks like your cheeks are just naturally ready for any selfie.

To finish, mascara. I rarely leave the house without mascara, since being blonde, my lashes are light, so mascara at least makes it look like I have eyes. I do the upper lashes and then the lower lashes just slight. It gives your eyes a little pop, without being too doll-like.

Voila! Five-Minute Face.

So that’s it! A quick natural look, that makes you look alive and not tired, and gives you plenty of time to grab a matcha latte before starting your day.

Did you try this look? Let me know how long it took you. Oh and by the way, if you want a list of the products I use and where to find them, sign up below to get an exclusive email with all the details.



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