Wedding Rescue: A Lesson in Getting What You Pay For

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Wedding Rescue

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This past weekend we had a unique scenario take place. A wedding rescue.

On Saturday afternoon, a wedding planner called us in a panic because the artist set up for her bride canceled. That day. Meaning the morning of her wedding. Who the heck does that? Certainly, not an artist we work with, we don’t put up with that flakiness.

Miracle workers

The planner had called around noon, asking me if I could help. The bride needed hair and makeup and needed to be ready by 5:45pm. Gulp. Cue my the wheels turning in my head and my fingers to start flying. I began contacting all of the artists I work with who I knew would do a great job and were hopefully available on such short notice. After about an hour, I had an artist confirmed and on her way.

The artist arrived just before 3:00pm, did her magic and the day continued on as if nothing had been amiss. The icing on the proverbial cake was the planner sending me a message not long after expressing her gratitude. In fact, she said the artist did a better job than the original one.

The moral of this story?

  • Make sure you have an artist you vibe with and one that is trustworthy. We can totally help with that, and make sure that you are a good fit together (I mean that is our job).
  • You get what you pay for. Certain artists may charge you less, but then again, they may not show up. A lot goes into pricing and to avoid a situation like this, you should educate yourself on what goes into it.
  • We’ve got your back. Honestly. An artist canceling last minute should never happen to anyone, for any event. If you work with us, that will never happen to you, because we don’t put up with flaky people. In business or in life.

We can totally rescue your wedding or event, but we really don’t want to have to. That shouldn’t happen in the first place.

Luckily, everything turned out great in the end and the bride and groom were very happy. That’s part of why we do, what we do. To make sure that everyone gets the experience they deserve.



P.S. We can definitely pull off last minute miracles, but giving us a little more time is ideal. How much time? Definitely more than 24 hours notice. Our recommendations are here:

When you should start booking your beauty team

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  • Johanna

    OMG that bride was so happy she had a planner that knew you guys! What a horrible situation to be in but what an amazing thing you guys were able to pull it off and make this bride be able to feel happy and beautiful on her wedding day!!

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Yeah so glad we could make it work! xo

  • Becky

    What a bummer!!! Way to step in and make things happen!!!

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Thank you! We try to help any way that we can! xo

  • Kayla Illies

    OMG!!!! So glad your team was able to help with that! I’ve seen my fair share of vendors flaking on a couple and it’s horrible!!!! The extra investment with someone who’s trustworthy is definitely worth it to make sure it doesn’t happen! You and you’re team are absolutely amazing!!!!! Wedding savers!!!! 😀

    • Katelyn McCullough

      It’s just so awful that it even happens, but so glad we can make it work 😉 Thanks for the love babe! xo

  • Jax Connolly Photo

    OMG. That’s shocking and terrible. So glad you were able to pull it together and make magic happen for this bride on her best day ever. I would have been calling my whole network, too, anything to make sure this bride got this taken care of. GREAT JOB SAVING THE DAY! Great post.

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Thank you! Yeah it was nuts, and so sad! Was so glad we could make her day as special as it should have been. Thanks for the love babe xo

  • Shannon Olona

    You guys are rock stars for going in there and saving the day!

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Thank you! Was so glad we could help out and make it work. xo

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