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Lately, in San Diego, it’s been quite humid. Well humid, and then just hot, and then cold. I don’t think San Diego has an idea of what season it is really. It’s hard enough to decide what to wear with the weather being inconsistent. You can imagine the struggle with makeup as well. Much like my outfits, I adapt my makeup to the weather as well. Would you wear a dress in the freezing cold? Well if you do I think you are nuts, but you would probably think twice right? Consider your beauty routine the same.

Usually, the weather is pretty consistent seasonally, but given the recent inconsistency, it’s important to be able to adapt. You will look your best and not be frustrated.

Winter: Dry + Cold

Deciding how to do your makeup in winter is a little bit simpler. When the weather is cold (or colder in Southern California), makeup stays on longer. The cold essentially sets your makeup, and you don’t have to worry about things like sweat interfering. However, it’s typically quite dry in the winter. Given this, make sure you moisturize or the very least prep your skin with a primer. This will help your skin look flawless.

Spring: Crisp + Dry/Humid

Spring weather is kind of the perfect time for makeup. The weather is temperate, it’s not hot and there is very little humidity. Whatever your makeup routine is, you can pretty much do without any fear of it coming off. Though if it’s slightly windy, be sure to use a setting spray like the one we use every day.


Summer: Dry + Hot

Summer is my favorite time of year, as I love the heat. Although when the weather is hot and dry, I simplify my makeup routine and only use a few everyday products. I choose to have a more natural look with products that are light on my skin and will stay on longer. I use my favorite skincare products to help prep my skin for makeup. Plus, when you have good skin you can use less product and essentially have time to do more things.

Tip: Don’t put makeup on sweat, it will not set properly. Make sure your skin is completely dry before applying makeup.

Fall: Crisp + Windy

The weather gets cooler, but this is the ideal climate for your makeup. You don’t have to worry about heat or your makeup sweating. You can rock any look you decide. The only thing you may have to consider is putting your hair in a bun because of the wind.

Have any tips or products that work for you based on the weather? Let us know, we’d love to add them to our everyday makeup routine with our favorite products. 




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