Finding The Best Hair & Makeup For You: Pinterest Edition

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I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I love Pinterest as it gives you so many ideas for food, style, beauty, basically anything, but I also hate Pinterest for the exact same reason. When there are too many options, you can get overwhelmed and nothing gets accomplished. I encounter so many clients (brides in particular) that send me Pinterest ideas for hair and makeup prior to their trials. I love that they do because having an idea of what they are going for is better than going in blind, but then the hard part comes. The truth is, not every style you see on Pinterest will work for you.


Pinterest Truths

Most often I get brides who send me pictures for these very full and beautiful hairstyles. Full braids, or long flowy locks falling down their back. Being perfectly honest, the majority of the styles you see on Pinterest are with extensions. That full braid? Extensions. Super full hair with curls? Extensions. This is not to say that you can’t get a gorgeous style for your wedding day without extensions. You can and you will, but it is going to be a style that suits you.

The same goes for makeup. There are plenty of makeup looks on Pinterest that are beautiful, but may not be the best for a bride’s features. Makeup is meant to accentuate natural beauty, not hinder it. This is why I always recommend doing a trial before the day of, that way you can try out different styles and find what works for you. The right makeup artist and stylist will help you determine the best style for you as well. They have years of experience working with clients of all different types and with varying likes, so use their experience to your advantage. Plus this experience factors into their pricing as well. (We go in detail about it here.)


Photo: @Kylie Photography

Come with an open mind

When I am matching artists to clients, I strive to match based on who I think is going to do the best job in achieving the look for the client. At the same time though, I am matching the artist based on who I think will have the client’s best interest in mind. The artist’s job is to make the bride and/or client look her best, so they are going to suggest looks that will best compliment their features.

Prior to coming to a trial, do some research on styles, but also be honest with yourself. Does that dark of makeup look good on you? Maybe not. You can still try it out the during the trial, but come with other options or ideas as well. You can also ask me for help. I work with the artists closely, so I know who is going to be best in achieving the look you want. I want you to look your best, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any ideas or questions you have. That is what I am here for!


  • Be honest with yourself (what looks good on you)
  • Pick a few different styles to try out
  • Be open to different ideas
  • Pick something that makes you feel good





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  • Katherine evans

    Such an educational post!! Great content! Especially for those of us in dream land thinking our hair can be what it’s not!

  • Kayla Illies

    Amazing tips Katelyn!!!! I 100% agree that not everything you see on Pinterest will work for you! Trial runs are the BEST to know what works and to physically see it on you before your wedding day! Doing your hair and make up trial run also works great with pairing up with your engagement session too! AND a date night afterwards of course! đŸ˜€

  • Paige

    Great advice! Hair and make up that compliments natural beauty photographs the best too! ??

  • Johanna

    I totally agree! I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest as well. It provides me an idea of what type of poses and images the couple likes, but sometimes they have unrealistic expectations of wanting to copy an image to the T which 1) as a photographer I’d never do as we all have our own style and approach and 2) sometimes it’s hard to copy an beautiful sunset on the beach when you have a session in the city! Lol

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