I went vegan for a week and this is what happened

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So being a beauty planner, I end up going to a lot of events, averaging at least 2-3 per week. Yes, that’s a lot of mental energy, but also a lot of food and/or drink that is fine in moderation, but 2-3 times per week? A recipe for an unbalanced gut. Yes, I said it, and yes we’re going to talk about it. I know I am not the only one who has suffered from this after a few too many events. Feeling bloated or pudgy, skin is spotty or breaking out, etc. there is a laundry list of side-effects from going to events all the time, even if they are for work. Since I haven’t been feeling my best, I decided to go vegan for a week and just reset.

Vegan For A Week

To preface, I am not normally vegan. I am primarily plant-based, but I do eat meat, fish, and eggs. I genuinely love fruits and vegetables, so they make up about 80% of diet, with the other 20% being animal protein sources. I don’t eat cheese or milk, because of a lactose intolerance.

So given this, when my diet is already very healthy, why would I choose to go completely vegan for a week? To reset my body. To just give it a rest and hopefully feel rejuvenated at the end.

Cliff Notes: I did. 

vegan for a week

After-Effects Of My Vegan Reset

I won’t bore you with what I ate day to day (unless you really want me to, in which case let me know on Instagram). What you really care about are the results. How did I look, how did I feel, did I lose weight?

Eating plant-based for a week really does change your body and it becomes addicting. My energy was sky-high, I felt great, no bloating and my gut felt happy. I might have lost weight, but I didn’t really check. I didn’t want to focus on the numbers, rather focusing on how I felt. I will say that my muscle definition seemed to increase and I did look like I had slimmed down a tad.

The best part? I literally could not have worn makeup at all and my skin would have looked great. A vegan, plant-based diet clears up your skin like you cannot believe. My skin was bright, clear and so soft.

But….Where Do You Get Your Protein?

This is the number one question every vegan that I know gets asked, and to be honest, you get plenty from vegetables (leafy greens in particular), chia/flaxseeds, hemp, etc. Though to be perfectly frank, protein is required for retaining muscle mass, not for energy. Protein is not an energy source, so you don’t need to be eating copious amounts.

Plus eating completely vegan for a week won’t hurt you if you are so worried about your protein intake. I’m just saying that if you want to give your body a rest in digesting, maybe try it. If you get clear skin, that can’t be a bad after-effect, right? To get some ideas, you can check out the post we did about eating your way pretty, which features plenty of whole foods (just for the week avoid the seafood).

Just Try It

By no means is this mean to pressure you into eating vegan forever, or that I am going to be vegan forever. Incorporating more plant-based, whole-foods in your diet is just a good plan in general. Whole foods are full of the natural vitamins and proteins we need, so your body will adjust.

If you have been to one too many events in the past few weeks and are feeling lethargic or just got back from Coachella, then maybe just try it. What’s the worst that’s going to happen?



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