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Taking some time for yourself can be a little hard. Or like pulling teeth if you are anything like me. I am always on the go and constantly feel like I need to be doing something or that I am not ever doing enough for my business. It can be difficult to shut off that part of my brain. Being the A-type, planner personality, it seems like the only time I can truly relax is when I’ve planned it. How sad is that? Well, it’s true, and I know so many other people who are like this too, so a few weeks ago Elwynn + Cass collaborated with Mirco Meetup to throw an event just for that. A self-love event, where the purpose is to be selfish and show yourself some love.

self love

Be Selfish

I almost never take time for myself. Always working on the business or with clients. So much so, that appointments for myself that just feel good, get thrown by the wayside or are multi-tasked with working (aka I bring my laptop with me everywhere).

Krystal (Micro Meetup Founder) and I, have been friends for 2+ years now and we both felt that it was kind of ridiculous (or really ridiculous) that we couldn’t remember the last time we took some time for ourselves. Added to the fact that we know so many men and women who are the same way. It’s just how we function now. Well, we said screw that, let’s throw an event for ourselves and for everyone else who needs to show themselves some love. Literally be selfish, it’s okay. Hence our Selfish Self Love Event came to be.

self love

Show Yourself Some Love

The primary purpose of the event was to just have a good time. Not worry about networking or putting on a face. Rather laughing, relaxing and just having fun with our friends and other like-minded women. We didn’t want to make it a big thing, so we kept it intimate (approximately 30ish people) that way we could have genuine connections and not feel like we had to entertain. You know what I’m talking about. That feeling in your gut that makes you feel like you have to act a certain way. Hell no.

self love

So how did we make it all about showing yourself some love? With flower crowns by Isari Flower Studio, braids coordinated by Elwynn + Cass, massages by Mobile Massage and Wellness, reiki by Rachel Larraine, craft cocktails by Medley Cocktail Co., cotton candy by “Get Fluffed Up”, a family-style brunch catered by Sage Bleu Catering and Chef Joann, and of course swag bags. All the things that we would do to treat ourselves, just all at once.

self love

Selfish Self Love

For 4 hours, all we did was laugh, relax, eat, drink and repeat. Literally, one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. So much so that we are thinking of doing another one in May sometime. For ourselves, but for everyone else who is also hustling, but needs to take a chill pill every once in awhile. Even if we have to force it on you. 😉

self love

self love

So….. if we did another one in May, would you want to come? Let us know and we will send you the personal invite once we get all the deets.

Oh and don’t forget to show yourself some love sometimes. Even if it’s staying in, ordering some food, and rocking sweatpants. I know it’s hard, but it’s worth it.



All photos by Studio Luniste 

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  • Abigail

    What a great idea. I’d love to have an event like this!

  • Nidia

    Such a wonderful idea! I love everything about this event. If it was in NYC, I would definitely attend!

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Aww thank you!! Well who knows, maybe we might throw one there 😉 xo

  • life with mailoha

    such an awesome post! 🙂

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Thank you!! xo

  • Allie Cahanin

    Omg this is so true! Self love and chill time is so important ?

  • Lara | Grits in the City

    This looks like it was such a fabulous event. Definitely something we don’t take enough time for. Cocktails to massages to brunch… only wish I’d been there myself!

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